New Reflection

July 16, 2012

Visibly i notice changes in myself over the past few weeks. Normally id be this girl that insists on being out late and enjoying a drink with Barbie. However lately i appear to have formed this new woman, however this woman seems old. I like the comfort of an early night tucked up in bed next to Mr. Wolf deeply engrossed in to a book. Or enjoying the satisfaction of sitting together doing a jigsaw.

Ive always been prone to enjoying a jigsaw as it was the only personal and alone time i would spend with me father as we raced to get our half of the puzzle finished first. However I’ve never been somewhat of a reader. Ive always felt i had better things to be doing in my time and how can anyone get engrossed in to books. However in the past two weeks i have indulged in to two books finishing them both. Which for me is record time. I have finished a book before in my life however this book was written by Disney so it couldn’t really pass as a book more of a story and i was 10, still i think it took me at least a month until i finished it.

Appears to me that Piccola Inglese has somewhat turned over a new leaf in reality rather that just in writing.


Returning Home

July 14, 2012

My mother and her husband returned home from their holiday yesterday afternoon. There I was sprawled on the sofa as they came in after a busy morning full of cleaning. I hoovered the entire house, dusted washed up everything that was left on the side. However an hour later one of my dogs insisted that it just wasn’t a good enough looking rug without her fur trodden in to it. Once they had settled in and sat down with a cup of tea we all spoke about what they had done over their week away, and I explained all the mischievous things the dogs had got up to.

An Hour later after they had unpacked everything I went of shopping with my mum to help her get her weekly shop seeing as Mr. Wolf and I had consumed nearly everything in the cupboards and fridge/freezer. We had our usual gossip and chit chat around the supermarket, we were always laughing.

My mum is the person I look up to most in the world. She’s not only my mother but I see her as my best friend. Secrets aren’t kept between my mum and I. She’s the best mum i could have ever asked for in the whole world.

Once we had finished queuing for the cashier and we had paid for our shopping we headed to the lift which would take us up two flights of stairs to the top floor where the doors would open and we are delivered straight out on to the car park. Both of us always insisted on going in the lift by ourselves with no strangers among us as with all four walls being mirrored we would always laugh and giggle about how we could see a thousand of ourselves in every direction. 

Once returned home we again did more unpacking. Finally we sat down in the living room, pulling out the lever to spring up the recliner of our chairs. It was lovely to have them home to be honest. As much as I enjoyed having the house to myself all week I loved the extra security that I felt when they returned.


July 12, 2012

Mr. Wolf and I decided to treat ourselves to a chinese last night. Was so nice, the thought of that we could snuggle up in front of the television all night long without having to cook dinner. Just eat it. Which was no effort at all. Half an hour later and twenty six pounds out of our pockets our huge chinese order arrived. We scoffed every little thing down soaking up every bit of juice that dribbled over our plates. It was so delicious that we just didnt want to stop. However with both our stomachs feeling like they were going to explode with the slightest bit of movement we opted against divulging in to a pudding. Once we had digested our food a little bit more we decided to adventure off for a walk with the dogs.

I awoke this morning to my surprise my stomach felt empty, after the amount i had eaten the night before i would have expected that i wouldnt want to look at food. The sun shining through the slats of our kitchen blind i decided to leave the back door open for the dogs to wonder carelessly in and out as they pleased. I felt like a housewife. Mr. Wolf had sprawled himself across the sofa with the television on and I was flitting around the kitchen trying to fix up something up for our breakfast.

Finally with him and myself fed we sat down and enjoyed a lazy morning in front of the televsion and watching films. Later in the day we set off for a peaceful walk in to town to get a few essential bits from the shops. The sun was beating down on us and i was now regretting the amount of layers i had worn. The walk back was the worst. We had to endure a walk up a steep hill and further until we were back home. Finally an hour later we had returned home, with our usual happy greeting from the dogs we cooked ourselves lunch and then sat down with yet again another film. Inviting the dogs up for a cuddle on our laps we ejoyed the film together as though we were a small happy family.


July 11, 2012

After reading a fellow bloggers post i have come to reminscing my past. The people that have left my life aswell as the people that have come in to it.

My Grandad and my uncle two of my beloved family members, who both now look down on me from the skies. My picture that i have always had of heaven was that there was a world that sat on top of the clouds. Where the sun shone every day and each person had their own life just like they used to. Just now they had to meet new people. They would only be reunited with family and friends when they to entered heaven. I pictured as this abundance of peacefull bliss. No work, no stress. No money was needed up there, here they could lead a new life and if they peered over the edge of those clouds they could look down on the family and friends that they have left on earth.

However as those people have left my life i still remember them and respect them. New people have entered my life, my bestfriend (Barbie). She is the person i rely on to tell everything, shes helped me through everything ive been through. Whilst she has only been in my life for 4 years she feels like a sister to me. However myself and Mr. Wolf got together 7 months ago. During this time Barbie and her new man’s relationship grew stronger and our friendship loosened around the edges. However these 7 months with Mr. Wolf were the highlights of my life. Day trips, Romantic meals out.

I love the security i feel whilst im around him, his hugs send tingles through my spine. Seven months is still classed as a new relationship but i feel 100% comfotable around him as though ive been with him for years.

Ive watched my life change over the years, and the people that have opened and closed doors into and out of my life. No point living life in regret. As my favourite motto always keeps me going. Never regret the things in life that once made you smile.


July 11, 2012

Im getting used to having this house to myslef now. My other half joining me for the week to keep me company, to keep the secrecy of my two lives seperate i shall not reveal his name, however i will relate to him as Mr. Wolf. Rolling over on the small single bed that we had to share at 7:50am to see him in a deep slumber, a blank face yet his mind was probably dreaming of 101 things. Kissing him on the forehead i sat up, after being used to waking up at about ten ish every morning my mothering of my two dogs grew stronger.

Letting them outside again for their morning wee, i flit around the house opening every curtain and blind to let the daylight shine through. With no plans made for the day i could just have a nice lazy morning. Sitting in my pyjamas and blogging about how my morning panned out.

Living Outside of Parental Reigns.

July 10, 2012

Having offered my mother a favour of moving in for the week whilst she jollied off for a nice relaxing holiday with her husband, i began to realize the strain of what her life carries. Running a house, taking care of not one but two dogs. At first it seemed a good idea. Away from their reigns and rules of the house, this week was my rules, i could have my own freedom and do what i pleased.

Slowly as the week continued i realized my mothering over my two dogs. Not only did i talk to them as though they understood my every word with their blank stare i changed my sleeping pattern to ensure that they had a sufficient time spent in my company and so that i could let them out in my back garden for their morning wee. Ive always called them my babies however this week has really shown how much i love them in my life. Even if they give a blank stare whilst i talk to them in my high pitched voice i feel at ease. Almost as if they do understand me.

First Day of What Seems Like a Second Life.

July 10, 2012

After devouring through a book which gripped me to my seat and i couldnt bear to stop reading i decided i would endulge in this new addiction. I would become a blogger.

My first day on this strange website, getting used to the fact that this will now be my personal escape to my life where noone would know exactly who i was. I could pour my feelings and emotion in to a whole paragraph and sum up my days without being judged by the thoughts of my friends and family. I would make new friends, fellow bloggers who share an interest in what i have to write and who would indulge in the smidgens of information i express over my page. I would lead this double life.