Mr. Wolf and I decided to treat ourselves to a chinese last night. Was so nice, the thought of that we could snuggle up in front of the television all night long without having to cook dinner. Just eat it. Which was no effort at all. Half an hour later and twenty six pounds out of our pockets our huge chinese order arrived. We scoffed every little thing down soaking up every bit of juice that dribbled over our plates. It was so delicious that we just didnt want to stop. However with both our stomachs feeling like they were going to explode with the slightest bit of movement we opted against divulging in to a pudding. Once we had digested our food a little bit more we decided to adventure off for a walk with the dogs.

I awoke this morning to my surprise my stomach felt empty, after the amount i had eaten the night before i would have expected that i wouldnt want to look at food. The sun shining through the slats of our kitchen blind i decided to leave the back door open for the dogs to wonder carelessly in and out as they pleased. I felt like a housewife. Mr. Wolf had sprawled himself across the sofa with the television on and I was flitting around the kitchen trying to fix up something up for our breakfast.

Finally with him and myself fed we sat down and enjoyed a lazy morning in front of the televsion and watching films. Later in the day we set off for a peaceful walk in to town to get a few essential bits from the shops. The sun was beating down on us and i was now regretting the amount of layers i had worn. The walk back was the worst. We had to endure a walk up a steep hill and further until we were back home. Finally an hour later we had returned home, with our usual happy greeting from the dogs we cooked ourselves lunch and then sat down with yet again another film. Inviting the dogs up for a cuddle on our laps we ejoyed the film together as though we were a small happy family.


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