Living Outside of Parental Reigns.

Having offered my mother a favour of moving in for the week whilst she jollied off for a nice relaxing holiday with her husband, i began to realize the strain of what her life carries. Running a house, taking care of not one but two dogs. At first it seemed a good idea. Away from their reigns and rules of the house, this week was my rules, i could have my own freedom and do what i pleased.

Slowly as the week continued i realized my mothering over my two dogs. Not only did i talk to them as though they understood my every word with their blank stare i changed my sleeping pattern to ensure that they had a sufficient time spent in my company and so that i could let them out in my back garden for their morning wee. Ive always called them my babies however this week has really shown how much i love them in my life. Even if they give a blank stare whilst i talk to them in my high pitched voice i feel at ease. Almost as if they do understand me.


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