Im getting used to having this house to myslef now. My other half joining me for the week to keep me company, to keep the secrecy of my two lives seperate i shall not reveal his name, however i will relate to him as Mr. Wolf. Rolling over on the small single bed that we had to share at 7:50am to see him in a deep slumber, a blank face yet his mind was probably dreaming of 101 things. Kissing him on the forehead i sat up, after being used to waking up at about ten ish every morning my mothering of my two dogs grew stronger.

Letting them outside again for their morning wee, i flit around the house opening every curtain and blind to let the daylight shine through. With no plans made for the day i could just have a nice lazy morning. Sitting in my pyjamas and blogging about how my morning panned out.


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