After reading a fellow bloggers post i have come to reminscing my past. The people that have left my life aswell as the people that have come in to it.

My Grandad and my uncle two of my beloved family members, who both now look down on me from the skies. My picture that i have always had of heaven was that there was a world that sat on top of the clouds. Where the sun shone every day and each person had their own life just like they used to. Just now they had to meet new people. They would only be reunited with family and friends when they to entered heaven. I pictured as this abundance of peacefull bliss. No work, no stress. No money was needed up there, here they could lead a new life and if they peered over the edge of those clouds they could look down on the family and friends that they have left on earth.

However as those people have left my life i still remember them and respect them. New people have entered my life, my bestfriend (Barbie). She is the person i rely on to tell everything, shes helped me through everything ive been through. Whilst she has only been in my life for 4 years she feels like a sister to me. However myself and Mr. Wolf got together 7 months ago. During this time Barbie and her new man’s relationship grew stronger and our friendship loosened around the edges. However these 7 months with Mr. Wolf were the highlights of my life. Day trips, Romantic meals out.

I love the security i feel whilst im around him, his hugs send tingles through my spine. Seven months is still classed as a new relationship but i feel 100% comfotable around him as though ive been with him for years.

Ive watched my life change over the years, and the people that have opened and closed doors into and out of my life. No point living life in regret. As my favourite motto always keeps me going. Never regret the things in life that once made you smile.


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