First Day of What Seems Like a Second Life.

After devouring through a book which gripped me to my seat and i couldnt bear to stop reading i decided i would endulge in this new addiction. I would become a blogger.

My first day on this strange website, getting used to the fact that this will now be my personal escape to my life where noone would know exactly who i was. I could pour my feelings and emotion in to a whole paragraph and sum up my days without being judged by the thoughts of my friends and family. I would make new friends, fellow bloggers who share an interest in what i have to write and who would indulge in the smidgens of information i express over my page. I would lead this double life.


2 Responses to First Day of What Seems Like a Second Life.

  1. This sounds like my experience a lot haha, I began my blog about three days ago now and I love it! The people on this site are so nice and inviting so I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting it to take off, especially since you’ve already discovered the forums page! It’s also really nice to know that you can get everything you’re feeling out without the inevitable judgement from your peers. I would love for you to check out my blog and I’m looking forward to your future posts as well (:

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